This section is your compass for the right people, deeds and causes with which the world is a better and brighter place to live: we will introduce you to activists, advocates and defenders, volunteers, philanthropists and donors and many, many more examples. with short or long and unpronounceable names, and no wonder you walk past each other every day in the streets, without even suspecting how important their role is in breathing, walking and living free.


Our team travels non-stop through streets, towns, mountains and seas to introduce you to the good on the go and living examples.


This section presents the faces of good with a human face and will tell you stories and legends about them. Here you will find everything about human rights activists from different cultures, eras, religions and peoples: from colorful historical facts through documentary prose and urban legends to ancient myths.


While in the Activists section we present the human faces of the good, here we will meet you with the collective good and the chain reaction, from which each individual person is only a link—small, yes, but important! The first spark for any human rights cause is always something small but important: an idea for an initiative, a single thought or decision. Because small things very often turn a whole life upside down.

The Good Story

Especially for you we select in this section the best stories and news: inspiring cases from the street, the square, the village, the school, the most impassable mountain peaks and the deepest places for diving…

Zhang Yin

Chinese businesswoman, owner of Nine Dragons—recycling company that turns paper waste into cardboard Zhang Yin (b. 1957) is a Chinese woman, from Shao guan, who became the richest person in China in 2006 for recycling paper, importing it from the …


Boyan Slat

Dutchman, director of The Ocean Cleanup Foundation which cleans the world’s oceans of plastic garbage Boyan Slat (b. 1994) is a young boy from the Netherlands who is an inventor and entrepreneur. His main objective is to help solve global …


Elon Musk

South African philanthropist and entrepreneur in the field of technology, founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk (b. 1971) is a South African man, with nationality both in the US and Canada. He is an engineer, philanthropist and business magnate. He …


Steve Case

American, former director of AOL, a pioneer in the provision of Internet services Steve Case (b. 1958) is an American entrepreneur who is known as the CEO of America Online (AOL), which is a web portal and online service that …


Pierre Omidyar

A French-American philanthropist who founded the Omidyar network, which uses financial markets to improve people’s lives Photo source: https://www.forbes.com/profile/pierre-omidyar/?sh=5b86656a66da Pierre Omidyar (b. 1967) is an entrepreneur who is most known for creating and founding one of the most famous auction …


Andrew Carnegie

Scottish-American businessman and philanthropist investing in education and free public libraries Andrew Carnegie (1835—1919) was a British man who lived most of his life in the U.S. He came from a family of not much economic stability. That is the …


Tom Hunter

Scottish magnate, investor and philanthropist supporting Third World countries in a number of social causes Sir Thomas Blane Hunter (b. 1961) is a Scottish entrepreneur, philanthropist and millionaire, that created his fortune all by himself, just by a few simple …


Brit Gilmore

American, president of The Giving Keys which hire and support people who until recently lived on the street Brit Gilmore (b. 1989) is an American woman who studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). Since she …


Clara Brown

American, a former enslaved woman who became a philanthropist to help settle former slaves Clara Brown (1800—1889) is believed to be the first former slave to move to Colorado during the Gold Rush. She was born in 1800 and was …


Mallika Dutt

Indian, director of, opposing sex-based violence, and supporting the common wellbeing Mallika Dutt (b. 1962) is an Indian woman who is known for her innovative work on human rights. She has provided the world with a new perspective on this …


Kevin Smiley

Canadian, founder of SuraiTea offering job opportunities to Syrian refugees Kevin is a Canadian entrepreneur who had the impulse of helping Syrian refugees in Canada by opening a tea company called SuraiTea. He decided to found a company on jasmine …


Enass Abo-Hamed

Palestinian, director of H2GO which develops energy storage technologies Enass is a Palestinian young woman who did a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. She was concerned about the use of portable devices because the materials of their …


Bonnie Chiu

A Chinese woman, director of Lensational, which trains marginalized women in photography Bonnie is a young Chinese woman who created an organization called Lensational, where she gives voice to those marginalized women who otherwise would not be heard. Bonnie believes …


Vibin Joseph

An Indian who founded BiOZEEN aimed at reducing the prices of vaccines Vibin Joseph (b. 1985), only 35 years old, is the Executive Director of BiOZEEN, a leading Bioprocess Engineering company that revolutionized the sanitary industry. Vibin thought it was …


Ezequiel Vedana da Rosa

Brazilian businessman who founded Piipee—a system that protects water resources by reducing toilet water Ezequiel is a Brazilian man who created a product to save water when flushing the toilet. One day he realized humans wasted too much water flushing …



Indian yogi activist in the One Trillion Trees platform fighting deforestation Jaggi Vasudev is an Indian yogi who became very famous for his yoga sessions. Through them, he teaches and passes knowledge about many different topics, being spiritualism the main …


Nkosi Johnson

A South African activist who gave public lectures on negative perceptions of AIDS Nkosi Johnson was an African kid who was born in 1989 with HIV, as his mother, Daphne, had AIDS when she was pregnant. Nkosi was an exception …


Jane Elliot

American teacher known for her Blue Еyes/Brown Eyes experiment, which demonstrates discriminatory thinking Jane Elliot is an American educator who became known by a racial experiment she realized in one of her lessons, called Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes in 1968. She …


Sophie Scholl

German activist against Nazism, part of the non-violent, intellectual resistance group White Rose Sophie Scholl was a German girl who lived under Hitler’s dictatorship. She saw how Hitler punished her friends and family and realized his way of doing things …


Simone de Beauvoir

French writer and existential philosopher who wrote The Second Sex—a book on the role of role of women and ‘otherness’ in history and society Simone de Beauvoir was a French writer and feminist who was born in a bourgeois and Christian …

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