Lilly Platt

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Lilly Platt (2008-) is a Dutch girl, who is being raised in the UK, and who has been interested in the environment since 2015. Her ecologist journey began one day she was walking with her grandfather and they saw a lot of plastic on the street. They decided to count them and, after a 15-minute walk, they picked around 91 pieces. She then started thinking how dangerous that was, since plastic takes a long time to disintegrate and even then, it only breaks into thousands of tiny pieces that then animals eat. Afterwards, humans eat those animals and subsequently, we have plastics inside us. This is something she said in her TEDxYouth@BSN talk in November 2018. Of course, Lilly is also worried about animals being killed by plastic waste also why she is trying to raise awareness on the topic.

For these reasons, Lilly started an initiative called Lilly’s Plastic Pickup , by which she motivates people to pick up the plastics they see around so they don’t arrive at what her grandfather called the “plastic soup” referring to the ocean. 

Lilly always carries reusable bags and she picks up plastic on a daily basis, but she also tries to raise awareness to join the cause, because as she believes, the more people doing these little actions, the better.