While in the Activists section we present the human faces of the good, here we will meet you with the collective good and the chain reaction, from which each individual person is only a link—small, yes, but important! The first spark for any human rights cause is always something small but important: an idea for an initiative, a single thought or decision. Because small things very often turn a whole life upside down.

European Union policy for human rights protection

Charter of Fundamental Rights in the European Union When you get acquainted with basic human rights, you will come across several basic documents. In Europe, the two most important organizations active in the protection of human rights are the Council …


No Hate Speech Movement

Council of Europe youth campaign for human rights online The No Hate Speech Movement Campaign was initiated and led by the Council of Europe, but mainly involves national campaigns in its member states. The campaign was officially launched on March 22, …


Pay it forward! The true story behind the film (Pay It Forward, 2000)

Let’s pass on the good, starting from ourselves! Author: Sylvia Borissova What do a single mother, a social studies teacher, a homeless bum, a drug-addicted boy, a man stuck in his car, a desperate young woman about to jump off …