The relationship between you and the other is based on rights and responsibilities: although, in fact, only one article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every right is in fact accompanied by a responsibility. If we have the right to life, then we have the responsibility to respect life. Every human being has the right to a happy and healthy life: in this way we are obliged to create conditions for others around us to have such a life as well.

Family exclusion

We need to respect the differences in which children are raised The family consists of a mother, father and children. Hundreds of single parents, grandmothers and relatives raising school-age children have to face this understanding. The traditional understanding of the …


To fight our own prejudices

It is most difficult to see the walls inside ourselves, which we have imperceptibly erected over time—most often in the name of our survival in difficult situations Explaining tolerance to others is always easy. It is even easier to rebuke …


Hate speech and safety of private life

Hate speech and its dangerous consequences for private life People use hate speech only when they think that they know something about an individual or a group. A completely anonymous person or social group cannot fall victim to hate speech …