Grab the popcorn and instantly take on A Journey round My Room, as recommended by Xavier de Maistre’s novel: for the free time, official or stolen, for the blissful moments with a movie on the screen or a book in hand, for cheerful company we have prepared art for you for watching, listening, reading, having fun and living.


Check out our collection of movies—inspiring stories about brave people from different times and continents who have fought for the voice, freedom and happiness of each of us. We have selected first-person fiction biographies, case studies and documentaries for you to see that even in the most difficult cause and the biggest storm of life, you are not alone!


Choose an adventure book, an enlightenment book, an entertainment book or a book for courage from our virtual library open 24/7, and you will get answers to the most unsuspected questions such as: How is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time possible to talk about the fact that no matter how different and strange we look sometimes in the eyes of others, the things that divide us become tiny and inconspicuous against the background of those that unite us? Or how did the heroine of Desert Flower manage to turn the ashes of her life into a multicolored fragrant garden?

Social art

In this section you will immerse yourself completely in the world of socially engaged arts—one of the biggest trends in contemporary art. And you will be amazed how art today extends to the point where it wants to interfere in human life, rights, freedoms and prosperity, to create better living conditions for young and old, to give wide spaces for imagination, longing and dreams, to make wishes come true. Michel Foucault stated that over time, art has become something related only to objects and not to people or life; something specialized or performed by expert artists. So now it’s our turn to bring art back to real life, to the people and their diversity and their universal languages of mutual understanding it originally belongs to.

Classics in the genre

This section, in contrast to the previous one, will show you various more classic works of art and artifacts from everyday life, but in an unexpected light—through the history of their appearance and residence in the wide world, as well as sometimes their disappearance from it …, directly related to the topics of human rights, tolerance, freedom, love, solidarity, non-discrimination, multiculturalism, etc. Because even behind the most ordinary things there are unusual stories related to you and us humans!

The Guerrilla Girls

NY anonymous feminist and anti-racist artistic collective The Guerrilla Girls is an anonymous feminist and anti-racist artistic collective. It was created in New York in the year 1985 and they are denominated this way due to their communication tactics. Their …


Who is the real Rain Man?

The story of Kim Peek, the autistic genius who inspired the 1988 film masterpiece Rain Man Author: Sylvia Borissova Kim Peek also became known as the Man-‘computer’—his phenomenal abilities attracted even the NASA scientists’ attention while working on the creation …


Desiderata (1927)

A poem about the most desired and most beautiful in life, which authorship is entangled in an interesting mystery Author: Sylvia Borissova According to some sources, the poem in prose Desiderata (literally in Latin: desired things) dates from 1692 from …


Feeling Good in the deaf-and-dumb language

To sing with your whole body Author: Sylvia Borissova Meet the radiant Anne Magalhães, who sings in sign language the eternal jazz classic of Nina Simone from 1965, Feeling Good! And did you know that sign languages are different in …


Truth Coming Out of Her Well

When the Lie puts on the Truth’s dress, and the naked Truth is thrown deep down in the earth—whom of the two would we choose and defend? Author: Sylvia Borissova A folktale tells that the Truth and the Lie met …


Pietà and the beginning of creative individuality in art

How did a signature secretly placed on a sculpture at the end of the 15th century mark the individuality of today’s artists? Author: Sylvia Borissova Pietà (Italian: pity) is a theme in Christian art that depicts the Virgin Mary mourning …


Liberty Leading the People (La Liberté guidant le peuple, 1830)

The picturesque image of Liberty leading the July Revolution in France Author: Sylvia Borissova Liberty Leading the People (La Liberté guidant le peuple) is a painting by the French Romantic artist Eugene Delacroix (1798—1863), dedicated to the July Revolution of …


7 Billion Others (7 milliards d’autres, 2003– )

The most impressive kaleidoscope of humanity’s personal ideas about love, tolerance, happiness, non-violence, peace and environment ever created Author: Sylvia Borissova 6 Billion Others (6 milliards d’autres, 2003) is an ambitious and unusual art project through which film director, journalist, …


Armand Amar and the Human music

Armand Amar’s magnificent film music to the masterpiece Human (2015) by Jan Arthus-Bertrand Author: Sylvia Borissova When film director, journalist, photographer and environmentalist Jan Arthus-Bertrand was at the beginning of his spectacular project, the film masterpiece Human (2015), he imagined …


All Human Beings

What do all human beings, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Max Richter have in common? Author: Sylvia Borissova All Human Beings is the new track by contemporary classical composer Max Richter from his latest album Voices, which was …


Life as an art form: Why not?

Living as Form—the platform for socially engaged arts and projects Author: Sylvia Borissova What strikes me is the fact that in our society, art has become something which is related only to objects and not to individuals, or to life. …


Cross-cultural wall of beads

How does the bas-relief sculpture by multi-genre artist Nick Cave connect two cultures? Author: Sylvia Borissova On the wall in the anteroom of the US Embassy in Dakar, there is a miraculously mounted monumental bas-relief sculpture—a conglomeration of thousands of …


Nick Cave of Fulton and The Soundsuits

“The moment you wear the suit, you are shielded. Your identity is no longer relevant.” Author: Sylvia Borissova Be in no hurry to think that The Soundsuits is the new band-adventure of legendary rock musician Nick Cave after Nick Cave & …


Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women

The choice to be a writer in ‘men’s times’ Author: Sylvia Borissova Translator: Donika Boneva Louisa May Alcott’s very name is hardly as unmistakably recognizable as her novel Little Women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy (1868), which has become …


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

A first-person story about a fifteen-year-old boy with Asperger Syndrome Author: Sylvia Borissvoa Translator: Donika Boneva Christopher John Francine Boone is a 15-year-old boy who lives alone with his father in Swindon, Wiltshire, one of the most inhospitable English cities. …


Desert Flower by Waris Dirie

The incredible journey of a nomadic girl through the desert Author: Sylvia Borissova Translator: Donika Boneva Desert Flower: The Extraordinary Journey of a Desert Nomad (William Morrow Paperbacks, 2011) tells the true life story of Somali Waris Deery. The biographical …


School bullying in Klass (2007)

How far can school violence lead? Author: Sylvia Borissova Translator: Donika Boneva The Estonian film Klass, 2007, directed by Ilmar Raag, manages to convey to the smallest detail the harsh reality of school bullying and its consequences. Moreover – entirely …


The Thribe (2014)

So many real words – with no dialogue or subtitles This film is in sign language; there are no subtitles or dubbing – because love and hate do not need translation. The film is a co-production of Hungary and the …


The Hurricane (1999)

The unfair accusation of murder of one of the champions in American boxing – upon a true case The story of the American-Canadian boxer Rubin Carter – the Hurricane (1937–2014), popular all over the world from Bob Dylan’s hit of …


Human (2015) through the eyes of Yann Arthus-Bertrand

“What is it that makes us human? Is it that we love, that we fight? That we laugh? Cry? Or our curiosity? The quest for discovery?”

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