The Guerrilla Girls

NY anonymous feminist and anti-racist artistic collective

The Guerrilla Girls is an anonymous feminist and anti-racist artistic collective. It was created in New York in the year 1985 and they are denominated this way due to their communication tactics.

Their first activities consisted in denouncing that women were not represented in art galleries and they started putting up posters all over New York city to claim for more visibility of women artists. They also very quickly expanded their actions to denounce racism in the art world and how minorities as well as women are not represented in the mainstream art field.

Their style is sarcastic, humorous, and very visual. They are anonymous fighters against injustices and are always up to making them seen. They send powerful messages loud and clear and it does not seem they want to quit any time soon.

They complain creatively, always showing resistance against the irrational and unfair society we live in.

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