Classics in the genre

This section, in contrast to the previous one, will show you various more classic works of art and artifacts from everyday life, but in an unexpected light—through the history of their appearance and residence in the wide world, as well as sometimes their disappearance from it …, directly related to the topics of human rights, tolerance, freedom, love, solidarity, non-discrimination, multiculturalism, etc. Because even behind the most ordinary things there are unusual stories related to you and us humans!

Desiderata (1927)

A poem about the most desired and most beautiful in life, which authorship is entangled in an interesting mystery Author: Sylvia Borissova According to some sources, the poem in prose Desiderata (literally in Latin: desired things) dates from 1692 from …


Feeling Good in the deaf-and-dumb language

To sing with your whole body Author: Sylvia Borissova Meet the radiant Anne Magalhães, who sings in sign language the eternal jazz classic of Nina Simone from 1965, Feeling Good! And did you know that sign languages are different in …


Truth Coming Out of Her Well

When the Lie puts on the Truth’s dress, and the naked Truth is thrown deep down in the earth—whom of the two would we choose and defend? Author: Sylvia Borissova A folktale tells that the Truth and the Lie met …


Pietà and the beginning of creative individuality in art

How did a signature secretly placed on a sculpture at the end of the 15th century mark the individuality of today’s artists? Author: Sylvia Borissova Pietà (Italian: pity) is a theme in Christian art that depicts the Virgin Mary mourning …


Liberty Leading the People (La Liberté guidant le peuple, 1830)

The picturesque image of Liberty leading the July Revolution in France Author: Sylvia Borissova Liberty Leading the People (La Liberté guidant le peuple) is a painting by the French Romantic artist Eugene Delacroix (1798—1863), dedicated to the July Revolution of …


The Woman-Everything

Happy International Women’s Day, dear girls! On March 8, we celebrate the international recognition of women’s social, economic and political achievements. Here are some interesting facts about why and how we celebrate Women’s Day today: International Women’s Day was first …