School of Tolerance

Each article you open in this section is a door to the various nuances and aspects of tolerance and mutual understanding with your relatives, friends and strangers—whether at home, at school, at university, at work, on the street or in the square, in the big city or the small village.

Hate speech in online environment

Why is it important to cope with hate speech online? The time, which young people spend online today equates and even exceeds the time they spend communicating face to face. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to hate …


Consequences of Hate Speech: Hate Crimes

How does hate speech affect society and people who are subject to it? Hate speech is one of the initial forms of hate crime. Hate speech, whether used purposefully or simply in a single outburst of emotion, can cause serious …


What is Hate Speech?

And how has Hate Speech turned into a special term making an entire European movement to combat it? According to an online poll conducted by the Council of Europe in 2012, 78% of the respondents encounter daily hate speech online. …


Sexual and Gender Discrimination

Acts of sexism in our everyday life Sexual and gender discrimination, also known as sexism, justifies considering the lower value on one sex or gender over another as well as the prejudices against them, arising from public understandings of different social roles, the …


LGBT discrimination

Definition of sexual orientation. Homophobia. Examples of discrimination based on sexual orientation Sexual orientation is an individual biological characteristic and part of the identity of each of us. It covers the whole range of human sexuality and applies equally to …