Family exclusion

We need to respect the differences in which children are raised

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The family consists of a mother, father and children. Hundreds of single parents, grandmothers and relatives raising school-age children have to face this understanding.

The traditional understanding of the family is wonderful. It embodies a number of values ​​and understandings that are worthy of respect. Unfortunately, not all children have the opportunity to have the ‘ideal family.’ Some have lost their parents, others have not even seen them. And others don’t live in any of the types of traditional families listed above: for children whose parents are a same-sex couple, for example, it is unfortunately even more difficult because not only they but also their parents can be attacked and ridiculed.

Work with individuals

When someone makes a comment that excludes a certain type of family from the ‘normal’ and ‘traditional’ average image of a family or from his personal ideal of such, react according to the specific remark: “You mean, every single-parent household is bad?;” “Does the different skin color of the parents make the child happier or unhappier than the other children?;” Or ask him an even more direct question: “What do you mean by that?”

Request specific changes from school authorities

Ask the teachers or management of the school where your child is studying, according to the severity of the case, to take a specific position on the painful issue for you about the attacks on your child because of his family environment, during the parent meeting. No one will ever understand your position if it is not said out aloud.

Seek help

If your child is being bullied because of the structure and members of your family, be sure to seek support from pedagogical advisors. They can help a child to adapt to the school environment.

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