Jamie Margolin

Image credit: https://cypp.rutgers.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/1290021.jpeg

Jamie Margolin (2001-) is an American girl who comes from both a Latin and Jewish family. She is an activist and fights for climate change because she says she has been thinking of global warming since she can remember and she always wanted to do something about it. She also believes colonialism, patriarchy and racism are the roots of the climate crisis.

 Before finishing school, she started developing her activist side, by organising meetings, testifying before her city council, hosting events and going to events. In spite of all her hard work, she felt people were not getting involved, so that is when she decided to organize a youth climate change, which led to the creation of her own organization called Zero Hour. This organization is called this because Jamie says there is no more time to act. With this organization, Jamie and many other people started a youth climate strike and they organized face-to-face events as well as online gatherings. 

Jamie also fights to uplift LGBTQ+ and Indigenous voices in the political landscape. She wrote a book called Youth to Power where she talks about people’s voices and she explains the different ways they can use them.  In 2018 she decided to use make-up as a way to express herself, so many times she also writes quotes or words with eyeliner or lipstick on her arms or face.