Al Gore

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Albert Arnold Gore (1948) is an American politician who was the vice president of the 45th president of the U.S. Bill Clinton.

Al Gore is also an environmentalist who believes the world needs to be taken care of. The first time he started talking about the environment was in 1976 when he mentioned in Congress global warming and made a few proposals about changing habits on toxic waste. He was considered to be a green democrat, as he talked about clean air and clean water among other measures to help the planet.

In 1990 Al Gore led a conference whose aim was to create a plan called the Plan Marshall Global with several legislators from many different countries, so they would help less developed countries grow economically while also helping the environment. Additionally, Al Gore supported the Kyoto Protocol, which consisted of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, although this protocol was not accepted.

Moreover, in 2006 he founded the Alliance for Climate Protection to turn awareness into action all across the Earth. That year too, Al Gore helped make a documentary called An Inconvenient Truth, which was part of his campaign to educate people about global warming.