Greta Thunberg

Image credit: e9c3cc0f9f80e9

Greta (2003-) is a young Swedish activist and environmentalist, who fights, among other things, against Global Warming. She became interested in this environmental issue when she was 8 years old, and it was in 2018 when she decided to take action on this matter, by striking for climate change every Friday in front of the Swedish Parliament, skipping school. She was seeking to change the way that the environment was being taken care of. With this action, she inspired thousands of children and teenagers all around the world to do the same, and it called many people’s attention, even politicians such as Donald Trump, Ángela Merkel or Vladimir Putin. This movement is called “Fridays for Future”.

Greta has received several awards, she has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2019, but she considers “the climate movement does not need any more awards”. She is very tough and direct with her words, because she believes the older generations have destroyed the world and the ones paying are the new ones. She is constantly asking for immediate change and action in order to stop global warming.