La Veneno

La Veneno, whose birth name was José Antonio Martínez, emerged as a transgender icon and trailblazer, born on March 19, 1964. Her unapologetic presence and candid storytelling challenged societal norms and brought attention to the struggles faced by transgender individuals …


Ann Wauters

Ann Wauters is a former professional basketball player from Belgium born in 1980. She played for several American and European professional teams throughout her career and was the first Belgian-born player in the WBNA. She began playing basketball when she …


Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures tells the story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson – three brilliant African-American women working at NASA in 1961, so the unit was segregated by race and sex.Following the success of Soviet Union’s launch of …



After her family attempts to sell her into marriage, a young Afghan refugee in Iran channels her frustrations and seizes her destiny through music. Grabbing the mic, she spits fiery rhymes in the face of oppressive traditions. Imbd link:



A French family with two daughters, 10-year-old Laure and 6-year-old Jeanne, moves to a new neighborhood during the summer holidays. With her Jean Seberg haircut and tomboy ways, Laure is immediately mistaken for a boy by the local kids and …



This is an adult animated film which follows the story of a young girl, Marjane, as she comes of age against the backdrop of the Iranian/Islamic Revolution. When Islamic Fundamentalists “win” the elections with 99.99% of the vote and start …