COMPASS (2002/2012)

Manual on Human Rights Education with Young People

COMPASS is a manual for human rights education with young people. It was developed in 2002 by the Council of Europe’s Directorate of Youth and Sport on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights.

COMPASS has currently been translated into more than 30 languages, ranging from Arabic and Japanese to Icelandic and Basque, as translation and adaptation to other languages ​​and contexts was constantly being encouraged. In 2012, the manual was significantly improved and updated in the context of intensively developing modern societies, cultures and technologies.

The guide contains essential information on global human rights issues, including migration, health, poverty, citizenship, democracy, violence, etc. COMPASS also provides introductory information on human rights, the main international documents of the United Nations and the Council of Europe in this field, a dictionary of human rights and last but not least – 58 ideas for activities and training on the human rights topic, developed by the methods of non-formal education. These activities aim to introduce young people to specific human rights issues through their interactive participation. Each activity is related to one or more human rights questions and can last from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

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