COMPASITO (2007/2009)

A Manual on Human Rights Education for Children

COMPASSITO is a child-friendly version of the manual COMPASS. It is published by the Council of Europe and, as the title suggests, is a human rights education manual for children.

COMPASSITO is intended mainly for teachers, educators and trainers working with children as well as certainly for parents. It is useful for all those who are interested in human rights education for children and who are looking for practical tools to discuss values ​​and social issues with children. The activities are designed for an audience aged between 6 and 13 years.

The manual for children includes 42 interactive activities, tasks and games with guidelines for teachers and trainers on how to present common information on human rights to children of this age through non-formal learning tools. It contains also child-friendly versions of the basic human rights documents such as: European Convention on Human Rights, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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