Manual for Facilitators in Non-Formal Education (2009)

Manual for facilitators, who are involved in preparation and implementation of the study sessions programme at the European Youth Centres

The Manual for Facilitators in Non-Formal Education (2009) provides essential information and practical advice for all who are involved in planning and delivering of intercultural activities using non-formal educational methods. It is the result of the endeavour of the Council of Europe’s youth sector to support and develop the quality of non-formal educational activities across Europe, thus contributing to their further recognition.

The aim of the Council of Europe’s youth policy is to provide young people – girls and boys, young women and young men – with equal opportunities and experience that will enable them to develop the knowledge, skills and competences in order to play a full part in all aspects of society.

The participants in the educational and training activities are multiplayers who, within their youth organisations or institutions, are involved in training other young people and / or designing activities and programmes that put into practice the values, standards and objectives which preside over the youth policy of the Council of Europe.

In this manual, the principles of non-formal learning are combined with experiential learning approaches, giving immediate experience in understanding the ways and potential of non-formal education. That is why the manual has a wider application in non-formal youth education for all those tempted to develop this potential.

*The guide is available with free online access in English, French, Russian and Turkish on links below

• Council of Europe. Manuals and Handbooks. Council of Europe – official website:
• Sabine Klocker (Ed. & Co-writer). 2009. Manual for facilitators in non-formal education. Council of Europe: