Omas gegen Rechts (Grannies against the Right)

Omas gegen Rechts is a citizens initiative in Germany and Austria founded in 2017. The movement began when the conservative People’s Party had just formed a coalition with the far-right Freedom Party in Austria. The group protest extreme right-wing political positions, consisting of members who are mostly retired women or women close to legal retirement age. They are concerned about political and social developments that they believe are detrimental to their grandchildren’s future. There are now more than 70 Omas gegen Rechts groups active across Austria and more than 100 in Germany.

In Austria, the group hold weekly Thursday protests, performs in street theatre and holds daily vigils outside the chancellor’s office calling for the admission of refugees stuck in camps in Lesbos. In Germany, they protest against the far-right AfD party, join rallies to counter racism and participate in climate justice marches. They wish to tackle racism, misogyny and antisemitism.