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Banksy is the pseudonym of a British artist that was born in 1974 in Yate, Gloucestershire. He appeared in a documentary called “Exit Through the Gift Shop” but other details of his biography are still a mystery. There are different theories about his identity, but it remains unconfirmed. 

He started as a freehand graffiti artist in England in the early 90s as part of Bristol’s underground scene and became well known in that area for his “fights” with Robbo who was another graffiti artist from the scene whose graffiti Banksy “repainted”. 

Since then, Banksy has been globally recognized as one of the biggest if not the biggest street art creators in the world. His work always includes a strong criticism of capitalism, war, fascism and imperialism and it has been used by many activists in different fields.

Some of his most remarkable creations were a set of graffiti that he made in the West Bank and Gaza in the Palestinian territories criticising the atrocities of the war and the situation of apartheid that is going on in those territories.

Banksy has become a very influential and inspiring artist for people all over the world and it is said that there is a cult-like following for the artist. It is also considered that he promoted what is now called the Banksy effect which makes outsider art become mainstream and worldwide recognised.