Denisa Stan- Volunteer

Name: Denisa Stan 

Age: 23 

Country of origin: Romania 

Occupation/Field of Study (if it applies): International Relations

Organization/Institution: Amnesty International

Organization’s social networks:

Photos of you and your project:

Source: Amnesty International’s official Facebook

 When did you become interested in working, volunteering or being an activist in the area of Human Rights? 

I became interested in 2014 when I joined the Human Rights club of my school. 

What kind of activities do you perform in the organization you work for? 

I am an activist. Trying to raise awerness for the problems of the world that includes human righs. 

There are many different NGOs and institutions working on Human Rights. What made you choose specifically this field and project? 

My teacher and coordinator of the human rights club. She was already involved and I wanted to be a part too. 

Do you remember how you started? How did your colleagues treat you? 

It starded at school and my colleagues were pretty supporting about it. 

And how was your first contact with the people you were working with (refugees, endangered women, children, minorities, etc.? What surprised you the most? 

It Made me see the world with differente eyes, there are so many problems and people who suffer from injustices. We can make a change in someone’s life. 

What’s your cause? What factors motivate you to continue fighting for it? 

I want a safe world to live in and a fairer one too. 

If you had to choose one thing that you have learned from your work in the field, what would it be? 

I learned that in this world there are so many cultures and rules and most of the time those cultures and rules are not the right ones. Humans are fragile and we should always be careful. One little thing can make a change. 

How did your volunteering/activism change you? 

 It helped me to see that I am lucky to live in a place where I have rights and I can use them. To not take anything for granted. 

To what extent do you think that human rights activism has made you aware of the influence that your culture/roots have on your behavior? 

It made It pretty clear. I live in a place where i can fight for my rights but there are places where such thing is not possible and if you dare to try it could have several consequences. 

What do you think are the biggest challenges we face in the area of Human Rights?


What would you say to someone who is considering whether or not to volunteer?

I would say “just try it”. There are a lot of people suffering and in need of our help, if we can do It, then why not help? 

Define, in one word, how does volunteering or working in the area of Human Rights make you feel. 


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