Philadelphia (1993)

This movie tells the story of Andrew Beckett, a talented young lawyer who works for a large corporate law firm in Philadelphia. Andrew hides his homosexuality and the fact that he has AIDS from his colleagues, but when one of his partners in the firm discovers he has AIDS, he is fired from the company. Beckett decides to seek justice in court by filing a discrimination case against his former employers. Because of their power and influence, however, no one wants to represent him. Beckett turns to Joe Miller – a black homophobe lawyer who also refuses but for a different reason – he is afraid of the young man’s illness. Beckett is left with no choice but to defend himself. While Miller and Beckett are working on their separate cases at the same law library, Miller becomes a direct witness to the discrimination Beckett faces.

Recognizing himself in Beckett, as a person going through the same struggles because of the color of his skin, Miller decides to take Beckett’s case. His main goal during the trial is to convince the judges that it’s not just homosexuals who can get HIV. This can also happen to anyone else through a simple blood transfusion, for example.

Philadelphia acknowledges the following topics: HIV/AIDS, homosexuality. homophobia and discrimination.

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