Judy Chicago

Photo source: https://judychicago.com/

Judy Chicago is an American artist who was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States in 1939. She is one of the pioneers in feminist art and she has performed in different fields of art such as painting, sculpture, or writing. She is known worldwide for her work on the role of women in history and culture. 

Her Masterpiece, called The Dinner Party is nowadays shown in the Brooklyn Museum in New York and it took five years and 250,000 USD to be finished. It was presented in 1979 and it is regarded as the first feminist epic artwork in history. It functions as a symbolic history of women in civilization.

The Dinner Party is formed by 39 individual place settings arranged in a triangular way representing 39 women in history. Snake Goddess, Eleanor of Aquitanie, Sakayawea or Virginia Woolf are some examples of women represented in the artwork who represent different eras in human civilization.

Nowadays, Chicago has some of her work shown in many museums all over the world such as The Brooklyn Museum, the British Museum and the Museum of New Mexico.