Vibin Joseph

An Indian who founded BiOZEEN aimed at reducing the prices of vaccines

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Vibin Joseph (b. 1985), only 35 years old, is the Executive Director of BiOZEEN, a leading Bioprocess Engineering company that revolutionized the sanitary industry. Vibin thought it was not fair for millions of children in different countries to die of preventable diseases, so he decided to create a company that would solve this problem. Most of these diseases can be prevented by vaccines, and the people who do not get them is just because their manufacturing is very expensive.

Vibin founded a company called BiOZEEN, with the mission of enabling companies to manufacture affordable vaccines worldwide. With his company, he has already reduced the costs by 12—35%. Currently, BiOZEEN provides vaccines to 1 out of 3 children around the world.

Vibin has received several awards, such as the Indian achiever award, Innovation Excellence award, Make in India award, the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality award. He spoke in the Global Business Plenary Session of the One Young World summit 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.


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