Todora Bakardzhieva

Bulgarian actress, feminist and revolutionary

Todora Bakardzhieva (1850—1934)  was a Bulgarian feminist and revolutionary who had a very important role in Bulgaria’s freedom from the Ottomans. She was a wealthy woman whose clothes were showy and expensive (she is also known as “Balkan Fairy”) and whose hair was extremely long (another name she received was “Long Hair”). She was very brave, and one of her main goals was to help Bulgaria be free again. Thus, she became a secret messenger of the secret Bulgarian government, carrying in her clothes and hair weapons, letters, messages and more between Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Kableshkov and more people who were also fighting for the liberation of the country.

Apart from being a feminist and revolutionary, she was also an actress who used to have roles in the theatre of Dobri Voynikov in Romania.


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