Sophie Scholl

German activist against Nazism, part of the non-violent, intellectual resistance group White Rose

Sophie Scholl was a German girl who lived under Hitler’s dictatorship. She saw how Hitler punished her friends and family and realized his way of doing things was not ethic. For that reason, she was against the Nazis, and against violence.

Sophie studied biology and philosophy at the University of Munich. One day, she saw some drawings and flyers around the university, taking a stance against Hitler’s dictatorship and decided to join this group. Of course, it was a clandestine project. It was her brother, Hans, and some of his friends the ones doing these rebellious acts. When she found that out, she joined them and started helping and recruiting more people. This project’s aim was to rebel in a non-violent way, showing a passive resistance towards the dictatorship. This group became known as the White Rose non-violent resistance.

One day, when Sophie and some other members of the group were secretly leaving more flyers around the university, a Hitler supporter working there saw her, and called the Gestapo. Sophie was taken to prison and the Gestapo sent a woman called Elsa Gebel to share cell with Sophie and to try and make her reveal the name of the other members of the group. However, in the 5 days Sophie was with Elsa, she convinced her and turned her against the Nazis.

Sophie, her brother and other members of the White Rose group were decapitated on February 22, 1943. Nevertheless, the White Rose group did not end. In fact, it became bigger and continued working on resisting and rebelling against Hitler and the Nazis.


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