Pierre Omidyar

A French-American philanthropist who founded the Omidyar network, which uses financial markets to improve people’s lives

Photo source: https://www.forbes.com/profile/pierre-omidyar/?sh=5b86656a66da

Pierre Omidyar (b. 1967) is an entrepreneur who is most known for creating and founding one of the most famous auction websites called eBay (1995). Since he was very young, he was interested in programming and he started working on what nowadays is eBay because he wanted to create equal access to markets. After eBay, he bought a little part of Paypal, currently owning 6% of the company.

Pierre is also a philanthropist and he believes that

change is possible given the right combination of insight, innovation, talent and timing.

Pierre has also founded the Omidyar Network, where he and his staff work on many different projects for different causes going from economy issues to human rights problems. He has invested and contributed with billions of dollars to these causes and he was honoured with the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy for the lasting impact of his work in 2011.

Pierre has also created the First Look Media, where professionals show reality, cultures, people, experiences, etc. as they really are. They defend the freedom of press and expression through a fearless journalism, storytelling of significant and provocative stories, etc.