Joaquín Cortez

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Joaquín Cortes is a Spanish dancer from a Roma family from Córdoba in Southern Spain. Cortes was born in 1969 and soon at the age of 12, he moved to Madrid to start his dancing studies. He was accepted into the Spanish National Ballet a few years later and started his dancing career.

He travelled with the Ballet all over the world having important performances in historical theatres such as the Metropolitan Opera House in New York or in the Kremlin in Moscow. Being only 16 he was nominated as a solo dancer in the Ballet and for three years he was one of the main stars of the Ballet and started being known at the International level.

After these three years, he decided to leave the Ballet and he soon started with his own initiative and dancing with some of the best dancers in the world such as Maria Plisetskaya, Silvie Guillem or Peter Schauffuss. He created his own company and he started touring the world with his first show called Cibayí. 

Since then, Cortes has been performing his various creations all over the world being one of the most talented dancers worldwide. Apart from that, he has also been named Roma Ambassador in the European Parliament in 2006 and in 2010 Al Gore, former US vice president named him Ambassador for Climate Change.