Ezequiel Vedana da Rosa

Brazilian businessman who founded Piipee—a system that protects water resources by reducing toilet water

Ezequiel is a Brazilian man who created a product to save water when flushing the toilet. One day he realized humans wasted too much water flushing the toilet just by urinating. Thus, he decided to do something about it. As a result of many months of hard work and study, he created a product he named Piipee that consists on a liquid that one sprays before urinating, so when one does, the product will disinfect the water, remove the smell, change the colour and scent the WC, removing the necessity to flush the toilet afterwards.

This product is composed by biodegradable additives, so it is eco-friendly. With every use of this product, dozens of litters are saved. Thanks to this innovative idea, Ezequiel has won several awards.

Currently, Ezequiel is a Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Foals representing the SDG 6 (Water and Sanitation).


Photo source: https://twitter.com/zequivedana