Enass Abo-Hamed

Palestinian, director of H2GO which develops energy storage technologies

Photo source: https://www.cartierwomensinitiative.com/candidate/enass-abo-hamed

Enass is a Palestinian young woman who did a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. She was concerned about the use of portable devices because the materials of their batteries were harmful for the environment. Thus, she decided to work on a new source that would provide safe hydrogen storage tech to generate cleaning power for portable devices. In order to create such a sustainable material, she has been using water vapour.

Together with four other people, she found H2GO, a company that would work on the aims mentioned above. Their moto is: “Pioneering clean tech. Delivering safe and reliable power supply for all.”

Throughout the years, Enass has given a few TED Talks and other speeches on how to combat climate change by providing recommendations about clean energy technology, she has been interviewed and she has been awarded for all her work. Some examples are award by MIT Tech Review Innovators Under 35 Europe, the best energy start-up award at the Global Hello Tomorrow Summit, etc. She was also selected as one in 18 best women entrepreneurs globally and one in three representing Europe.