Eckhart von Hirschhausen

Eckart von Hirschhausen (1967 -) is a German doctor, talk show host and comedian. Upon the beginning of his career as a practising doctor, he quickly realised that humour and healing belong together. This led him to leave his job in the hospital and focus on delivering stage programs and seminars that jokingly educate people on health matters. He has his own cabaret show and has appeared in stand-up comedy sets and magic shows. He believes that humour allows us to understand the contradictions and absurdity of life, allowing us to remain calm over things we cannot change. 

Von Hirschhausen is the founder of two charities “Humor hilft heilen – für mehr gesundes Lachen im Krankenhaus”, or “Humour helps the healing process – for more healthy laughs in hospitals,  and of “Healthy Earth – Healthy People” which encourages political action towards a cleaner environment. He is an ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals in Germany and tries to bring awareness to the relationship between health and climate change.