Boyan Slat

Dutchman, director of The Ocean Cleanup Foundation which cleans the world’s oceans of plastic garbage

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Boyan Slat (b. 1994) is a young boy from the Netherlands who is an inventor and entrepreneur. His main objective is to help solve global problems, starting with cleaning the oceans. He has been working many years now to create the necessary technology to clean them, and he has created the project and organization called The Ocean Cleanup. Through his company, he and the other staff members have thought of cleaning the oceans in a way they do not harm the environment.

Boyan is currently the leader of a 80 people group and he spends his time doing research and engineering. He is considered to be “the youngest-ever recipient of the UN’s highest environmental accolade, Champion of the Earth”, as it is said in his webpage.

He has won several awards such as Young Entrepreneur Award, he was included in Forbes 30 under 30 edition, he was also awarded a Thiel Fellowship, he was named Dutchman of the Year, European of the Year and he was given the Thor Heyerdahl Award for innovation in the maritime industry.

In 2015, The Ocean Cleanup was chosen as one of the Best Inventions of that year by TIME Magazine.