Bonnie Chiu

A Chinese woman, director of Lensational, which trains marginalized women in photography

Bonnie is a young Chinese woman who created an organization called Lensational, where she gives voice to those marginalized women who otherwise would not be heard. Bonnie believes one can communicate without words and she was inspired by her grandmother, who is illiterate, to help women speak up about their lives without the need of words.

She decided to focus on photography in order to give voice to these women. Thus, she traveled and gave women cameras and taught them to take pictures, so they could express their emotions and tell stories through them. Bonnie says she just teaches women to take pictures, but she does not consider herself a photographer.

Lensational currently gives training on photography and storytelling. The idea is to

empower underrepresented women to tell their own story and advocate for themselves through media training.

Apart from her important role in Lensational, Bonnie is the Managing Director of The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC), a global network of consultants that work on impact assessment and investing strategies “to helping create a more purpose-driven society.”

Bonnie has given speeches on her multiple areas of knowledge in over 20 countries.

She has won several awards such as Asia21 Young Leader, Facebook Social Entrepreneurship Award (2019), Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur in Europe (2017), Hong Kong Youth Service Award (2016), Young Achiever of the Asian Women of Achievement Awards (2016) among others.

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