Born in Syria

Following the stories of 7 Syrian refugee children in Europe, Born in Syria is one of the rare movies that focus on the whole journey of refugees from their home country to local integration in the host country. It follows children by depicting their life in Syria before, during and after the conflict, thus highlighting the traumatizing experiences they have been through in detail. It follows their journey in reception centers and refugee camps in Turkey, Hungary and Greece and what that resulted in later on in their life. And finally, it follows up on their integration in their final destination in Europe during their first 6 months in the country. Through this last stage, you can see the different ways of acculturation that newly-arrived refugees usually adopt, which often differ even within the same family. You follow their asylum procedures from the first reception center until the happy and very emotional moments of receiving the refugee status, and you continue to see the transitions in people’s lives, especially children’s lives through the efforts made to integrate into a new country, including language learning, communicating with the local community and starting a new school for the first time in years.

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