Lieven Scheire


Lieven Scheire (1981 -) is a Belgian comdiean and writer. He enrolled in university to study Physics at Ghent University but dropped out to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. Scheire uses humour to make complex scientific concepts, like Einstein’s theory of relativity and artificial intelligence, more accessible and engaging. He has also written several books on scientific topics.

He is well known for being a member of Neveneffecten, a Flemish cabaret quartet, alongside his cousin Jonas Geirnaert, Koen De Poorter and Jelle De Beule. They tour Flanders and the Netherlands with their comedy theatre show. The group won the jury prize at the Groninger Studenten Cabaret Festival and they wrote television series such as Neveneffecten, Willy’s en Marjetten and Basta.

Basta caused some controversy while it was on running as it sought to uncover public scandals. Famously, one episode proved that some Belgian television channels were running fraudulent viewer phone call games. Basta also drew attention to fake news published by media channels, the inefficiency of help desks and the huge royalties CEOs of banks received during the financial crisis.