Dr. Jane Goodall

Image credit: https://cdn.britannica.com/27/163227-050-753FE634/Jane-Goodall-chimpanzee-Congo-Tchimpounga-Chimpanzee-Rehabilitation.jpg

Dr Jane Goodall (1934-) is an English primatologist and anthropologist who spent a lot of time in Africa doing research on chimpanzees. The first time she went to Tanzania was in 1960 and she went there to observe the behaviour of this species with almost nothing, just a notebook, something to write and binoculars. 

Dr Jane Goodall has spent over 60 years doing ground-breaking work, and she has learnt a lot about chimpanzees, knowledge she has spread all over the world. Dr Goodall discovered chimpanzees used tools, a discovery that can be considered one of the most important ones of the twentieth century.  She has and still is looking for ways to stop this species from extinction and, in order to achieve that, she understood it was necessary to teach and help locals to live in ways the environment does not get so damaged. She promotes a more sustainable lifestyle in our society.

She has written several books and scientific articles, she has been interviewed hundreds of times, she has appeared on TV and there is a film about her life that has won the Best Green Film in the GreenFilmFest of Berlin and that had been preselected within the nominees for the Oscar 2012 on the best documentary. National Geographic has made a documentary on Jane’s life called “Jane Goodall: The Hope”. Jane Goodall has been awarded by several universities around the world and by a great diversity of institutions.