Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (1974-) is an American actor. He is famous first for his profession as an actor in films such as Titanic , The Great Gatsby , The Revenant or The Wolf of Wall Street . He has been nominated for his performances 248 times, and he has won 99 awards, such as an Oscar for best actor in The Revenant by the Academy Awards, Best Lead Actor-Cinema for The Great Gatsby by the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, etc.

Apart from his amazing acting career, Leonardo is an activist and ecologist. He has a foundation called the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, where he promotes actions to help the planet. For example, he has, within his foundation, projects such as Lion Recovery Fund, which intends to conserve the lions and recover them in Africa’s wildlands, Oceans 5, which supports projects that safeguard vast swaths of the oceans, Elephant Crisis Fund, that consists on a joint initiative to save these animals or Shark Conservation Fund, that fights to protect the most endangered sharks and rays among other activities. These are just a few examples of all the projects the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supports.

Moreover, Leonardo DiCaprio is very concerned about climate change. With many of the projects his foundation supports, he is trying to protect biodiversity, conserving forests and oceans as well as working on climate change.